The hostel provides facilities that make it a "home away from home," providing residents with safe and secure, affordable, and hygienic accommodations. The rooms have customised and comfortable furniture. dining room, recreation lounge, creche, Wi-Fi, air conditioners, elevator facility, washing machine, iron board, iron box, pantry with refrigerator, microwave, RO water with water cooler .

CCTV cameras, 24×7 security on guard, In-house Hostel Manager, bio metric entry/ exit is provided to ensure safety.

Single resident can be accommodated in twin-sharing room with an additional charges.

Trusted name for safety and security, facilities, a hygienic environment, affordability, location proximity, and quality food. Working Women Hostel is located in various cities throughout the state of Tamil Nadu, making commuting to work ease. Hassle free Check-In / Check-out process is one of the time saving feature for our residents.

The hostel manager adheres to the 10:00 p.m. cut-off time for general shift and those who are working on different shifts can adhere to the shift timings.

The hostel does not provide guest accommodation for visiting families / relative.

The hostel has a first aid kit with medicines for immediate requirements. Further, a sick room is available for isolation during emergencies.

Yes, the residents are allowed to park their 2 wheeler in the parking area. Cars shall be parked if sufficient space is available.

Unlike the local PGs, we at TNWWHCL, take a deposit of one month only which is equivalent to a month's rent. This rent may vary according to the property in which you are staying.

Your deposit can be refunded when you leave the room permanently on the Check-out date. Please note that the refund will be processed to the account details mentioned in the KYC details within 15 days of your exit.

Comfortable rooms come with cots and certified mattresses and pillows, with bedsheets.

You would need to make payments for your overnight stay depending on the hostel location, with a security deposit of Rs. 1000. Room rent + Security deposit to be paid before Check-In.

No. But food can be availed upon subscription for which separate charges would be applicable. Once check-In process is completed, Hostel Manager would assist for the same.

The pillow covers and bedsheets would be washed and replenished weekly once. Residents shall use their own bedsheets if they are not interested to use the hostel’s linen.

  • You can browse through the properties and the amenities online using the App/Website(tnwwhcl.in).
  • Once finalising the room and type of stay, the resident shall book the same using ‘Book Now’ option which would take you to the registration process.
  • Once registration is completed after filling the mandatory KYC details, booking of rooms shall be made.
  • Nothing is better than real experience and therefore, TNWWHCL offer visits before/after the booking is done. 

  • There is no laundry service provided by the hostel. However, facility for washing is available at each hostel. Based on the locations, washing machine and provision for washing the clothes is provided in outdoor area.
  • The facility of using the washing machine shall be based on the first come first serve basis.
  • Residents who wish to use the washing machine for next day shall enrol to the Hostel manager the previous day itself along with the preferred timing. And shall be allowed only at the time specified by the resident.
  • The resident shall use their own detergent / soap.  
  • Washing machine is meant for regular daily wear only.
    • The following items should not be washed in the washing machine, as they can get damaged:
    • Any delicate or expensive branded clothing
    • Woollens, jackets, leather items, embroidered clothing
    • Items strictly meant for dry cleaning.
    • For hygiene considerations, no underclothing or socks shall be washed in the machine.

If the resident has not paid the rent within the stipulated time (7th day of every month) and if the hostel manager is unable to contact the resident after the deadline, then the Hostel Manager shall take legal action by making a police complaint and shall remove the belongings / articles of the respective resident from the occupied room.

A guest who has opted for a monthly stay, should intimate their check out at least 15 days prior check out date.

One can reach out to TNWWHCL in multiple ways in case they have queries. Either they can reach out to our Support team via the Website/App. Other than this, one can also call at 94999-88009 for assistance.

a) Food charges (if opted). b) An advance amount is received as a security deposit which would be refunded back at the time of check-out.

Any damage done to the property by individual is liable for paying repairing charges. If room keys are lost / damaged the individual is bound to pay for the new lock / keys.

Yes, monthly receipt for the rent paid will be provided.

Residents can pay the rent directly by UPI transaction or to bank account. At TNWWHCL, we prefer online transaction than cash, as it is the secured, safest, and hassle-free method.

Monthly rental is charged from the 1st to the 30th of each month. In the event of a check-in during the middle of the month, the rent is prorated and charged accordingly.

No, food charges are additional based on the food menu packages chosen by the residents.

Yes, on preference of resident with additional charges.

No, using of induction stove, electric kettle, heater rod, electric cooker is strictly prohibited in the resident room or in the common area.

TNWWHCL hosts a guest until 8 PM ONLY. Before the arrival of your guests, 'raise a request' at least 7 days prior to the visit and only after Hostel manager approves your request your guest can arrive.

No, TNWWHCL prefers UPI transaction or to bank account.

A resident's prime priority is to have a hassle-free experience and so, we at TNWWHCL, make sure that the inconvenience of any sort never knocks at their door. Hence, keeping in mind other people's ease, pets are not allowed within the Hostel premises.

At TNWWHCL, we ensure a speedy resolution of the issues raised by our customers. For the same one can raise a ticket and file their complaints. The ticket is raised via the TNWWHCL App for the same. Once that is done, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

We at TNWWHCL always prioritize our customers and try to dedicatedly serve them. But due to some technical issues if in case we are unable to revert you then, you are free to contact us at 94999-88009.

It is a prepaid subscription. The amount needs to be paid at the time of subscribing the meal plan. For any a la carte menu, bills will be raised on the same day to the respective resident.

A resident’s deposit money is generally refunded if they serve the notice period of thirty days. However, under the following circumstances, the amount shall be refunded after deducting the charges as per actual bills.: -
  • If she vacates the room without paying her rent and,
  • If any damage is caused to the building, furniture, amenity and facility.

When you finalize a particular TNWWHCL accommodation, a booking request is generated from your end. And, once that is confirmed, you are required to pay the deposit money. This money is charged solely for security assurance purposes so that the residents do not damage/spoil the property.

We have a dedicated housekeeping team to keep our rooms, common areas, washrooms and entire hostel premises in a neat , clean and tidy manner.